how to download VMware Workstation for free

VMware Workstation 11.0.0 Build 2305329 

Key Features Include:

Features of version:

Interface: English or Russian (translated from loginvovchyk revised 05.12.2014). Language interface VMware Workstation is selected at the beginning of the installation
No registration is required
Includes only Tools Windows-9.9.0 (for other OS can be downloaded separately)
Reduced the cached package VMware Workstation in C:WindowsInstaller to 8.80 MB. For example, in the original cached package equal to 109 MB, and repace KpoJIuK – 439 MB
Added key /FindDel , is designed to solve problems with the removal of VMware Workstation. When using key search VMware Workstation, and if the system is found VMware Workstation, you will be prompted to remove VMware Workstation

Deleted folders:
VMware VIX*
VMware Workstationmessages*
VMware WorkstationVisual Studio Integrated Debugger*

Removed files:
VMware WorkstationEULA.zh_CN.rtf
VMware WorkstationLearnMore.zh_CN
VMware WorkstationTPClntdeu.dll
VMware WorkstationTPClntjpn.dll
VMware WorkstationTPViewdeu.dll
VMware WorkstationTPViewjpn.dll
VMware Workstationvmware-remotemks-debug.exe
VMware Workstationvmware-vmx-debug.exe
VMware Workstationx64vmware-vmx-debug.exe

The keys to the position:
/S – install VMware Workstation in a quiet version with English interface. The key is case sensitive, and therefore use only the /S , but not /s If you have specified a wrong key or not specified at all, there will be a typical installation with all the dialogues and display setup.
/S /Eng – install VMware Workstation in a quiet version with Russian interface.

This is multiple part file, you need to download all files to extract!
Buy Premium Account = High speed + parallel downloads

If some files are not available,do not panic.Its not deleted,just the servers are overloaded.
Check back later!


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