The Heavy Wight Bundle For Refx Nexus FXP SAMPLES

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Mr_Amine – AudioTrapZ V1 (Expansion)
Mr_Amine – AudioTrapZ V2 (Expansion)
Mr_Amine – AudioTrapZ V3 (Expansion)
Mr_Amine – AudioTrapZ V4 (Expansion)
Mr_Amine – AudioTrapZ V5 (Expansion)
XP Access Virus
XP Access Virus KC
XP Access Virus TI
XP Access Virus TI Arps
XP Access Virus TI Dark Star
XP Access Virus TI Gold Filter
XP Access Virus TI Polar
XP Access Virus TI Polar 2
XP Access Virus TI2
XP Access Virus TI3
XP Access Virus TI4
XP Access Virus TI5
XP Access Virus Whiteout
XP Access Virus Elements
XP AD Vol.3
XP AM$ Vol.1
XP Andromeda
XP Andromeda 2
XP Asap Rock
XP AustinWhite
XP Big Orchestra
XP BIgwhite Beatz Expansion Vol.1
XP BIgwhite Beatz Expansion Vol.2
XP BIgwhite Beatz Expansion Vol.3
XP BIgwhite Beatz Expansion Vol.4
XP BIgwhite Beatz X LEWi V 2 Expansion
XP Bio
XP Cash Flow Spaced Out
XP Club Sounds Vol 1
XP Club Sounds Vol 2
XP CoLoVe Ukraine Trance V1
XP CoLoVe Ukraine Trance V2
XP Cosmic
XP Dark Core
XP DRZA Expansion Vol.1
XP DRZA Expansion Vol.2
XP DRZA Expansion Vol.3
XP Elektro Dreams
XP FloFloSounds
XP Goa-Psy Trance
XP GroveBeatz Expansion
XP GroveBeatz Vol 3
XP HandsUp-Electro Bass
XP HandsUp-Electro Bass Vol.2
XP HexLoops Expansion
XP HoodieMuzikGroup
XP Horror
XP House vol.1
XP JBM Electronesque
XP johnny juliano
XP JPlatinumBeatz Expansion
XP Largo
XP Lead Attack vol.1
XP Lead Attack vol.3
XP Limit Beats Expansion
XP Loyaltee Presents Detroit
XP LV Victory
XP LV Vol.1
XP LV Vol.2
XP LV Vol.3
XP LV Vol.4
XP Massive Trance Volume 1
XP Massivesound
XP Mastamind Musik Bread & Butter
XP Melo 1
XP Melo 2
XP Mike E Da Kid Expansion Vol.1
XP Mike E Da Kid Expansion Vol.2
XP Minimal House
XP Minimal House 2
XP Minimoog
XP MK Expansion
XP MoneyClipBeatz Expansion
XP More Cowbell
XP New Age Hippies
Xp Nexus-6
XP Nois3 & D1 Expansion
XP Nois3 Expansion
XP Psytrance
XP Psytrance-2
XP Pyroman
XP Redboy Beatz Expansion
XP Revolutionary
XP RoyaleBeatz Expansion
XP RoyaleBeatz Revelation
XP RoyaleBeatz Xp Vol 1
XP RoyaleBeatz Xp Vol 2
XP RoyaleBeatz Xp Vol 3
XP SavageBeats Vol.1
XP Spaced Out
XP Synth
XP TBangaz Vol.1
XP TdubbBEATS Expansion
XP Trakbombaz Expansion
XP Trance – 2
XP Trance Bonus
XP Trance Bonus 1
XP Trance Bonus 2
XP Trance Elements 1
XP Trance Elements 2
XP Trance Elements 3
XP Trance Elements 4
XP Trance Essentials
XP Trance Pads
XP Trap Expansion
XP Trap Expansions 1-6
XP Trap Habits
XP Trapademicz
XP Unitebeatz Rezolution
XP Unitebeatz The Trap killers
XP Uplifting Trance
XP Varsity Beatz Vol. 1
XP Vintage Bonus
XP Vintage Synth
XP We3ch Vol. 1
XP Wrecks V1
XP Wrecks V2
XP Xmas
XP Young Hitmakers Expansion
XP Zappab3atz Expansion Vol.1
XP Zappab3atz Expansion Vol.2
XP Zappab3atz Expansion Vol.3
XP2 Andromeda
XP2 DarkCore
XP2 HardCore
XP2 Moog
XP2 Trance Pads
Xp2 Vintage Synth
XP2 Waldorf Blofeld
XP-Zappab3atz Vol-1



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