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MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 16 Deluxe + Crack 

Digital music has many advantages in comparison to other more traditional supports. But what if you have a large collection of old cassette tapes and vinyl records? Does that mean you can’t listen to them anymore?

MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab has the answer to this question. This full featured sound application helps you digitize your old vinyl and tape collection so that you can enjoy yesterday’s music in today’s digital supports.

The program features a nicely designed interface, in which you can see a graphical representation of the selected track on the top, while the available tools remain at the bottom of the window. The four main functions of the program importing, cleaning, mastering and exporting are conveniently laid out as tabs, right in between these two areas.

MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab lets you import music from a variety of sources (record player, tape recorder, microphone, audio file and more), clean it from noise, hissing, cracks and other imperfections, and finally export it to a digital format of your choice.

The first impression you get when launching MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab is one of confusion, especially in the Cleaning section. There are so many sliders to adjust, buttons to press and options to be taken into account that you feel completely lost. Luckily the program is extensively documented and includes loads of tips, hints and a highly detailed Help section to walk you through the whole process.

What’s new in this version:
The new program interface makes working with MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 16 deluxe even easier and more effective. The new layout provides reliable support for all steps, enabling you to master all of the tasks involved in the audio editing process.


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