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Faceshift studio is a facial motion capture software solution which revolutionizes facial animation, making it possible at every desk. The software analyzes the facial movements of an actor and describes them as a mixture of basic expressions, plus head orientation, and eye gaze. This description is then used to animate virtual characters for use in any situation where facial animation is required, such as movie and game production.



Our software analyzes the face motions of an actor, and describes them as a mixture of basic expressions, plus head orientation and gaze. This description is then used to animate virtual characters for use in movie or game production. We have astonishing real time tracking and a high quality offline post-processing in a single, convenient application.
Here”s a quick glimpse of the features:
Improved Tracking Quality!
Much effort has made to improve quality, both in real time and refined data. The results in faceshift 2014 are vastly improved. You”ll notice more stable tracking, less jitter, and more refined expressions.
Training Changes
You can now automatically progress through Expressions, saving numerous clicks and valuable actor time. Actor-specific eyelid training increases accuracy. Manually adjust eyelid and eye position in the 3D scene. Training now displays the front-most texture image, making manual correspondences faster. To top it off, we”ve sped up the fitting process as well!
Did you have your coffee this morning? Neutral expressions can change slightly from day to day based on many factors. We now have a “Neutralize” button for both live and recorded sequences to accommodate these small day-to-day variations.
We”ve made numerous adjustments to improve the UI, while maintaining the same easy-to-use workflow. Annotation are now clearly visible in the timeline, making it easy to see what frames have been adjusted. (Hint – don”t forget to use “J” & “K” to jump back/forward to the next annotation, or right-mouse-button to remove an annotation.)
New Help Docs
We”ve reworked our online documentation. It”s now far easier to navigate, and provides a simple interface to work through learning the program. It”s also portable, accessible without an internet connection. This is quite handy for those of you on location. Take a look.
We”ve improved the managing of settings. You can now enter in specific values to most settings, which is very helpful to reproduce specific settings. You can import/export your settings as well; this is an extremely useful way to maintain specific types of settings you like for different performances, or to share settings among colleagues.
Clip Changes
In previous builds our drag-select to trim clips was convenient, but a bit tricky to get exact frames values. We”ve changed that. We still have the handy drag-select feature, but we”ve now added input boxes to enter specific frames or increment up/down frames to get exact precision. To make this better, faceshift 2014 now shows audio annotations right on the timeline.

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