how to download camel audio alchemy for free?Camel Audio – Alchemy 1.25 VSTi.RTAS x86 x64 | 2.86 GB

Alchemy synthesizer flagship product, Camel Audio, providing absolute opportunities in the formation of sound , will make your dreams a reality. Synthesizer has exclusive and almost unlimited possibilities , and at the same time easy to learn , thanks to competently rebuilt interface. Library of contemporary sounds gives you a chance to explore new facets of musical spaces : from air pads and multilayered textures to fat basses and leads.
Alchemy is ideal for those who want to quickly and easily get the original sounds. Perform section contains the most important parameters for the selected preset , making the process of change available. Panel Remix Pad allows you to quickly try different variations .
The factory library contains more than 3GB of exclusive samples and a set of more than 600 presets from the famous worldwide sound designers . Coupled with 8 carefully tuned variations per preset you get 4800 presets. I note that the widest range of sounds from soft spheres to extraordinary arpeggios. All sounds are divided into categories for easy access to the sound that you need. Also available are additional libraries .
Alchemy allows you to manipulate sound like no synthesizer or sampler . It is equipped with the most powerful engine additive with a very neat resynthesis . With Alchemy also possible spectral and granular synthesis methods along with sampling and sales advantages fatty analog engine. It’s kind of sintezatorv five in one bottle. You can import your samples into formats SFZ, WAV or AIFF. In addition to the above, Alchemy implemented a wide range of analog filters , flexible rack , which includes both the well-known effects of CamelPhat and CamelSpace, and new. The innovative modulation system is extremely flexible and at the same time easy to learn .
In Alchemy integrated powerful arpeggiator with the ability to import MIDI files with immediate synchronization under your track .
However Alchemy marked protsessra low resource consumption. This synthesizer was developed for about 4 years a huge team of programmers and designers. How to install?
1) Remove the previous version;
2) Set the synthesizer, at this stage, you can choose a place where everything will be stored presets and samples Alchemy (factory library, additions, and your custom presets stranded);
Installing factory preset bank picked up automatically.
3) After all the settings, use the patch AlchemyWin-1-25-0-Patch-R3.
We strongly recommend that you remove all previous versions . Delete the files and registry keys will take care of our patch.
After installing the library you will be asked key. Just click Next, since our release does not need this .
New v.1.12.23> v.1.20
New Features
64 -bit support for Mac and Windows – access unlimited memory
Native RTAS Support for Pro Tools on Mac and Windows
Improved SFZ support – high quality loading of 3rd party and converted SFZs
Key switching for fast access to articulations
Round robin for added realism
Unlimited zones for velocity, round robin, key switches …
Intelligent sample memory handling – half the sample memory required
Multiple audio file import when holding down ‘Shift’ with automatic mapping to keys
Easy SFZ loading via File -> Load
Last used folder remembered for File -> Load in each instance
New ‘Nightshade’ skin by BitPlant
Switch skins from the file menu
Volume level meters for master filters and sources
Zoom size remembered for all editors
MSEG curves reset by double-click
Additional mod source for polyphonic aftertouch
Improved auto-assign for performance controls
24 new acoustic reverb presets
Randomise snapshots option
Support for shortcuts or aliases to folders
Improved MIDI program change implementation
Easier, faster, more reliable sound library installation
Supports new ‘. CamelSounds’ file type for easier installation
Improved stability and GUI handling in all hosts
Improved Cameleon preset import
Increased MSEG editor maximum zoom
MSEG stretch mode now allow horizontal dragging
Demo period increased to 4 weeks
Effects rack now supports mouse wheel
Reduced mouse sensitivity when editing breakpoints
Allow use of different spectral palettes
Save consolidated no longer copies factory samples
User details only displayed once per instance
Faster updating of re-mix pad and other controls
Additive editor phase value reset on left click
Copy to all snapshots now works for snapshot volume
All submenus now display a check mark
Comment lines now supported in SFZ filesBug Fixes
Improvements to loop point reading to avoid clicks
Spectral white noise choppy or grainy
Step quantise values ??in arp seq to be global
Mod amount display value now quantised correctly
Folders not sorted properly and missing “+” icon
Duplicate file names causing wrong file to load
Some additive data causing noise
Zero length loops output no sound in sampler mode
Control selection after right click menu displayed
Partial breakpoint editor fine adjustments
Granular engine causing crash with a few presets
Non-english os language setting causing crash [Mac]
Curved lines at the edge of the MSEG editor display
Envelope release phase on MIDI CC # 123
MSEG 1 position value different to MSEG x value
Remix octave no longer saved with preset
Error message display when a preset fails to load
Audio glitch with distortion FX + perform controls
Alchemy not loading correctly in some hosts
Mod target display when allocated to arp sustain
Copy / paste to multiple additive breakpoints
Deleting breakpoints shifting selected breakpoint
Re-saving new sample path resetting loop mode
Changing category via arrows loading preset twice
Gain fx control displays wrong unit of measurement
Missing file dialog no longer allows preset change
Perform control text field could cause crash
Spectral editor clear & undo degrading looped sound
Source amplitude menus now mark current selection
LFO phase now has a modulation amount ring
V-Machine MIDI program change causing crash
Spectral pasting incorrect in log2 mode
Duplicate entries in all acp files
Fix scaling of points moved in additive editor
Import image defaults to Spectralimages folder
Modulation depth shifts 0.1 semitone after save
Pre-delay resets to correct default value
Load preset from any folder in Reaper VST crashing
Position indicator incorrect in sampler mode
Sample file path resolution when re-saving presets
Moving warp markers to start of spectral editor
Crash due to high number of warp markers
File -> Load sometimes result in stuck notes
Image import not scaling correctly
Smoother random glide LFO
Target and file button click feedback
Simple mode GUI when changing presets in FL Studio
Correct version now reported in Finder and Explorer
Tuning problems when used with some other plugins
Large number of files or folders crashing on Mac
Crash when using case sensitive disk format on Mac
Mac spectral engine output now matches PC output
No longer possible to create more than 16 mod maps
Indexing of more than 8 mod sources
Add-on bank installer occasional crashes on Mac
Installer crashes on PPC based Macs
Mac installer now sets correct permissions
Audio output when using high eq and LFO rates
Using Alchemy with other plugins causes crash in some hosts
MIDI program change audio buffer glitch
Mod map quantise template errors
Portamento now starts from pitch of first note
Text label alignment
New v.1.20> v.1.25
New Features
Enhanced Analog Modelled Filters with Better Sound and Lower CPU (by Cytomic)
Added iPhone / iPad Remote Control Support (App Coming Soon)
Additional Skin by biolabs Previously Only Available with the biolabs Bank
Performance Control Automation Parameters Moved to Top of List For Easy Access
No Clipping of Filters – Now You Can Drive Them Hard
FX Presets Can Now Include Modulation Assignments
Skins with Only Player Controls Now Possible, Making Skinning Much Easier
Improved Release Time for Compressor
Enhanced Bit-crusher
Acoustic Reverb CPU Peaks Eliminated
Edit Perform Control Labels With a Single Click
Progress Bar Now Updates Smoothly
Added Help Button to Key File Not Found and Missing Samples Dialog Boxes
Improved Default Paths for 32 -bit and 64 -bit Windows Setup
Windows Setup Creates Shortcut to Configuration Folder
Reduced the Size of the Mac DMGBug Fixes
Fixed Crash Caused by Some Presets
Spectral Element Volume Scaling Improved
Adjusting or Modulating Symmetry Causes Click In Some Cases
Moved Snapshot File Menu’s to Remix Pads Right-click Menu
Sustain Pedal in Arp Mode Fails to Engage or Release Notes
Sample Clips Output, Source Meters Only Register 50%
Forward Back Granular Loops Not Looping Properly
Prompt User for Data Folder if Skin Files Not Found
After Loading a Preset a Different Explorer Dialog Is Displayed for File -> Load
Random Glide Jumping Between Values
Scaling of MIDI Pitch to Frequency Fixed for Extreme Values
Unnecessary Warp Markers Added to Some Presets
Poly Mode Portamento Gliding to / from Wrong Note
Selecting 32 -Bit Audio File Via Import Browser Causes Crash
Wrong Preset Name Displayed During Slow Preset Load when Selecting New Category
Rename Skin File Handle_Zoom_Left.Png for Case Sensitive Disk Formatting
Remove Modulation Indicator for Acoustic Reverb Control “Size”
Some Samples Fail to Load when Referenced Via SFZ File
Search for Sample May Override Region Settings in SFZ File
SFZ Volume Opcode Scaling Incorrect
Save Consolidated After Import of AAZ References Incorrect Files
Bonjour Installer Added to Alchemy Windows Installer
Cubase 6 : Prompt to Save Analysis Data Cases Cubase 6 Freeze
Ableton Live: Problem With Cursor Display when Moving It over Alchemy Window
Digital Performer: Alchemy Not Passing Keyboard Input to Digital Performer 7
Orion: GUI Redraw Fails on Switch to Advanced Mode
64 -bit Windows Setup Uses Correct Data Folder to Install Camel Sounds
Some Characters Fail to Display in Preset Menus on Windows
Move AlchemyConfig.txt to Windows User Data Folder
Alchemy & Geist in Same Windows Project May Cause Crash
Windows Installer GUI Does Not Update While Installing Sound Library Installer
Mouse Wheel Not Working on Windows
MIDI Program Not Working when GUI Closed on Mac
Vienna Ensemble Pro Crashes on Exit on Mac
Spectral or Additive Import Image Allows Any Image Type Leading to Crash on Mac
Alchemy out of Tune at Project Sample Rates Other Than 44.1 Khz (Pro Tools)
Improved Step and Arp Sequencer Timing and Note Triggering (Pro Tools)
Fixed Spectral Painting Crash (Pro Tools)
Pre-Gain Distortion Control Fails to Update With Mouse Movement (Pro Tools)

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